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What types of batteries on sale in the market? What is the difference?

There are usually two types of batteries on sale, they are primary batteries and rechargeable batteries.
A primary battery is known as “disposable” battery,as it cannot be recharged for re-use and has to be discarded when the power runs out. Primary batteries usually includesuper alkaline, super heavy duty, lithium manganese, silver oxide and zinc air batteries.
A rechargeable battery can be used up to 1000times, depending on how it is used. Rechargeable batteriesusually include NiMH batteries, Nicd batteries and Lithiumion batteries.

How to compare the performance and price of different types of batteries?

Although “high-energy”, “ultra-high energy” and “endurance” and other words are always marked on jacketsof batterieson the market, it does not accurately represent the battery life time, since the performance of a battery is closely related to its inherent characteristics.
Price for super an alkaline battery is definitely higher than that of a super heavy duty battery, but its life time can be 5 or even 10years if usedin the big current applications. So it will be more economical.
A rechargeable battery is more expensive than a super alkaline battery and extra cost will be needed for charging.However arechargeable battery can be used up to 1000times, so it will be more economical in the long run.
A NiCD battery has almost the same characteristics as a NiMH battery, but a NiMH battery will last longer than a NiCDbattery after charging, for the same battery size.

How to balance performance and price of battery when selecting?

If you want to choose the right battery, you need to know the power demand of the electronic equipment at first before you can make the decision.
Generally speaking, the equipment with higher power demand requires bigger current to operate. NiMH batteries can work long time for the applications and their cycle life canreach more than 1000cycles.
So the average energy cost will belower than super alkaline and super heavy duty batteries. Super alkaline batteries will be most fit for electronic equipments with middle power demand. Super heavy duty batteries will be fit for electronic equipments with lowest power demand.